Booking a Video Crew

Companies often don’t need video production crews on a regular basis. They may bring in a crew a few times a year when they wish to announce a new product, advertise a sale, or something of that nature. As a result, a company may not know what to look for when choosing a crew for this job if their regular provider isn’t available. Following are some factors to take into consideration.


The location of the camera crew should be taken into consideration during the decision-making process. If the shoot will be local, choose a local crew. However, if the production is taking place in another area, look for a crew in that area. The crew then knows the best location to shoot, the best time to do so based on local factors, and much more. The company requesting the work will appreciate having this inside information, as it helps to reduce the cost of the production in many cases. Be aware that camera crews charge more if they have to travel a certain distance from their office. Often, this fee is imposed when they must travel more than 50 miles for the job.


When comparing camera crews, ask who will be responsible for each job. If a crew has different staff members for each task, the cost of the production will be higher. However, the quality of the work may also be better, thus companies need to decide what is needed and how many tasks can be handled by one member of the crew. This depends, in large part, on the complexity of the production.


Companies often have production schedules they wish to follow. When choosing a camera crew, the company needs to ensure the crew can accommodate this schedule. Be sure to book early to get the crew of choice, as many video production crews are scheduled months in advance.

Consider the above when choosing a camera crew for your next production. Although it is best to choose one company and stick with them for all videos, this isn’t always possible. By considering these factors, companies find it much easier to choose a crew that meets their needs and provides them with an excellent final product.


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